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Hair and Makeup Artist

Cree Barrocks is an artist focused on defining a signature approach to fashion and hair; she has always had a skill set for beauty even as a child.
Shortly after graduating college, she found her calling to hair. Originally starting as a photographer and makeup artist, Cree was determined to expand her skill set. During the year in cosmetology school, she found a love for Colour and decided that she would specialize in it.
Cree is best known for her technical skills. She has a remarkable talent in creating rich, beautiful tones with balayage and highlighting concentrating on specific placement. Her goal is to ensure that every guest leaves the chair with healthy, beautiful hair.
While she keeps a watchful eye on what’s current in the fashion industry and in pop culture; her priority is to establish a trust-based relationship with her clients and a strong understanding of what will work for them as a unique individual. She uses her creative talents as a stylist along with a proactive approach when changing a client’s look in order to best highlight their natural facial structure and play up their personality and individuality.” Colour can be inspired by muses such as nature, food and fashion”…  These muses help guide her creative flow when customizing the perfect colour for each client.
Priorities for Cree as a stylist include, staying up to date with product knowledge and techniques , paying attention to details and creating a welcoming environment at JouJou Hair Studio. Every Clients colour is unique to them and requires complete devotion.

“Stylish and Healthy hair will always be her goal”.

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