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Natural/Curly Hair Specialist & Makeup Artist

Lorri has been in the industry for almost 15 years,  specializing in Natural/Curly Hair Design and Makeup. She has had the opportunity to work on many independent films/projects within the city; worked with numerous photographers and models associated with the most prestigious agencies across the country.

For 8 years, Lorri worked along side well known Curly Hair specialist and has traveled throughout Toronto and US working and teaching others about the maintenance for naturally curly hair.  Throughout her career, Lorri discovered that there was a missing element within the industry when it came to the health and maintenance of naturally curly hair. Going through the process of “transitioning” once herself, and with much trial and error, Lorri is continually educating herself on products and techniques for Curl Types 2-4 . She wants all Naturals to feel comfortable showing of their individual style, and natural curl pattern.

Lorri’s knowledge and techniques are done with expertise and passion that stems from a deep desire to excel in customer satisfaction. She brings a charming attitude and great energy to our studio.

Click here to see Lorri’s Book.

To see more of Lorri’s work, and what projects she works on outside of the studio, click the link below