I was lucky enough to get introduced to Janet by a friend.  I had looked into extensions months ago but got overwhelmed by the information and decided not to proceed.  Then my friend told me about Janet and encouraged me to go for a consultation.  Janet was warm and professional and broke down all of the options for me.  I trusted her immediately because it was so clear how knowledgeable she was.  The information she provided made it easy for me to make a decision.

I have always had frizzy, curly hair that is very fine and hard to manage.  It takes forever to grow so I have never really had long hair.  As a little girl, all I wanted was long hair, so much so that I used to tie a towel around my head so I could feel it touch my back like long hair would.  About a  year and half ago I had weight loss surgery.  I was fat my entire adult life and now I am 100lbs thinner.  After losing the weight, I thought I would be way more satisfied by my appearance but I felt old and like I looked like a deflated balloon.  I was considering all kinds of plastic surgeries.  Then I went to Janet and had my extensions put in.  When she finished and I stood up and took myself in in the mirror, I felt like crying.  It gave me a lift that even weight loss surgery couldn’t.  It gave me the feeling of femininity, lengthened my silhouette and it was a heck of a lot cheaper than plastic surgery!

I wish I would have done this years ago because it really has improved my overall appearance.  Let’s face it, hair is important, especially for women and our self-image.  Janet and Natasha made the experience so fun and they were so inviting and helpful.  It has been an amazing experience and for anyone thinking about extensions or just changing their look via their hair, I would recommend Jou Jou!  Fantastic!!!

Thank you so much Janet.

All the best,


I normally do not give testimonials but in this case it’s a MUST! After years of trying different salons I’ve finally found my home salon! Janet and her team are professional, friendly and FULL of knowledge. The service is A+++, knowing that you can make an appointment and they ALWAYS stick to the time is very important. Other salons will book a few clients at the same time and you end up staying there all day. For the first time in 20 years my hair is growing, healthy and no breakage. The products used at JouJou Hair Studio are specific to the condition of your at the time of your appointment. I can go on and on about JouJou it’s truly the best salon in the city!

--Treasa (Whitby, Ontario)

The style. The cut. But my real love is the service and group of professionals that make the entire experience of getting my hair done a delight…. :) Thank Janet and her fabulous staff at JouJou Hair Studio.

~ xo Ola

--Ola Finesse

JouJou offers excellent service in hair care, with a professional and personal touch.

--Paula Phillips

Jou Jou all about maintaining Healthy & Fabulous hair. They never disappoint. Need a Fab due for that special occasion well look no more. JOU JOU it is!!!

-Amri Ryan

My wife goes there and she always comes home with a radiant glow and smooth flowing hair :)

-Donavan Miller

Did a fantastic job with my 10 yr old twin girls’ hair!! Thanks so much, so much stress off my shoulders!

-Cassandra Lindsay


I have finally found a stylist I can COMPLETELY  trust with my hair. Jou Jou Hair Salon. I called and set-up a consultation with one of the stylists named Janet Jackson. I gave her a general idea of what colors I wanted to dye my hair & how I wanted it to look. Fast forward one week later, I got a “brand-new” look and style I am very proud to show off prior to my wedding.

Janet did a great job with my Bridal Wedding Hairstyle. She was very professional, polite, and just a cool gal! I was estimating that she would take about an hour and a half with my hair, but she got it done in half the time! I will most definitely recommend her and see her again for another special occasion. None of the pins hurt my head and my hair was perfect the entire day – my appointment was at 9am and I got to my bridal suite at 11pm with everything still in place. Plus my hair looked very soft and natural. Just what I wanted.

This salon has a super-friendly atmosphere with the knowledgeable, very patient stylists to match. I would recommend this salon to anyone who is seeking to correct mistakes other salons made on your hair, dye your hair a new color, or freshening up your look.
My hair has DEFINITELY found its new home.

-Christine J. Wilson

Great cut, great service. Definitely going back :)

-Laura Collins