November 2015

Trim to Win: The Not-so-secret to Keeping Breakage at Bay

How does one achieve strong, healthy, growing hair? By maintaining a healthy scalp and minimizing breakage of hair ends. Many women see hair fall and worry that they are experiencing breakage, but there is a difference between breakage and healthy shedding.

Shedding is perfectly normal– everybody sheds an average of 50-100 hairs per day. Under normal conditions, new hairs grow to replace each hair that has been shed, keeping the average number of growing hairs about the same at all times.

Next time you see a stray hair in the sink, inspect it to see if it has a white bulb on the end. This bulb is the base of the hair strand that originates at the scalp. The presence of the bulb indicates that the hair has simply gone through it’s natural growth cycle. However, if the hairs you see are in shorter, uneven pieces, the hair has broken off mid-shaft or at the ends. This is indication of damage.

Trimming your hair on a regular basis will ensure healthy length retention. But don’t make the mistake of sacrificing hair health for hair length. It is much better to have a few inches less than to keep those damaged, frayed and straggly ends. Because hair damage travels up the strand, the longer you wait, the more you have hair you have to cut. So be sure to come in for regular trims. At JouJou, we don’t just style to perfection, we make hair care our number one priority. 

Here’s to healthy, happy hair!

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Easy Three Step Moisture for Kinky/Curly Hair

We may be having great November weather, but don’t be fooled– winter is just around the corner! With the change in temperature also comes a drop in humidity and this can spell disaster for curly/kinky naturals (and our straight-hair sisters alike). For most of us, drier air = drier hair, and if there’s one thing that’s paramount to your tresses surviving the harsh winter chill, it’s a solid moisturizing routine.

Be sure to follow the three simple steps below to make for a foolproof moisture-boosting hair regimen all winter long.

Step 1:

Use a leave-in conditioner after your shampoo and conditioner.

Step 2:

Comb through a light gel or curl defining cream.

Step 3:

Mix your favourite sealant with a natural oil for Moisture.


Easy? Absolutely. The key, however, is to be consistent. Remember ladies, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and just as hair damage doesn’t happen overnight, neither does the journey to healthier, stronger hair. With patience and diligence, your results will pay off.

Do you have a tried and true go-to moisturizing routine for winter? Share it with us in the comments!



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