I stayed away from hair salons for two decades (!) The brutal cycle of being ignored, watching stylists eat lunch instead of wash out my relaxer, showing up at 10am and leaving at 8pm kicked my a$$. I said no way, no thanks…until I found JouJou Hair Studio. JouJou has nailed a perfect balance of relaxed professionalism. You enter, and you get served. What a concept! No waiting, good chunes, welcoming, lovely and talented stylists and uber attention to both my real natural hair and whatever weave or wig I happen to be rocking for the show. Throw in makeup services and I am hooked.

It’s been nothing but a pleasure being a #JouJouBeauty.

Thanks Janet Jackson!

Sidebar: Doesn’t matter what hair grows out of your head…JouJou’s got you.

--Tracy Moore, Canadian television journalist and host of Cityline

JouJou Hair Studio has been my go-to salon for over 17 years! Hair
care at the highest level has earned my long-term trust and loyalty in Janet Jackson & her team.  I know when I come here I am leaving with healthy hair that has been given love and nourishment.  The moisture treatments are my absolute favorite & I never leave without doing it! You are in good hands at JouJou & I don’t know why you would go anywhere else 🙂

--Keshia Chante, Singer & TV Personality

Here’s the the thing about Jou Jou Hair Studio: It feels like home. Right away. Every stylist is exceptional at what they do and they take pride in their work. Then there is the Master–Ms. Janet Jackson. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her and the care she takes of my hair. Going to work every day means constant heat styling and products. Somehow with her TLC(amazing deep conditioning) my hair has stayed healthy and strong. Janet and her staff are truly the best in the biz.

-Marci Ien, Co-host, CTV's The Social

I visited JouJou Hair Studio for the first time ever yesterday. I got my hair washed, treated, cut and styled (wash&go) by the team. It was a great experience. Everyone is so knowledgeable and caring. They are professional and run on time!!! I will definitely suggest this salon to others and I will be back!

--Jemika Newman

I love this hair salon. You’ve ever walked into a salon for the first time and felt outta place. Everyone around seems to know each other so well. So you’re there just listening to the conversations till you’re done, awkwardly. Not this place! I’m telling you, the last time I was there I walked in I felt like I knew these ladies for years. I felt so comfortable there, my stylist was truly amazing. I have natural hair soooooooo she really hooked me. They specialize in all types of hair textures, from bone straight to kinky. Give it a try.

–Claudia Bennett

Fantastic hair salon. The team are my go-to natural hair stylists. They are very sweet and patient with you and your hair no matter what. Salon is physically small space, but well appointed so you don’t notice. Very clean! Nicely designed. All the stylist are nice. I love when I can get out to Jou Jou.
Highly recommend to any natural hair people, and anyone else looking for good quality, well done hair styles.

--Dana Jerome

This place is the best! I have had a colour and cut and my hair has never looked better 🙂

--Kimberly Dawn

EXCEPTIONAL work done by extremely knowledgeable staff. Had my colour corrected (which was quite a feat; I had salon colour mixed with drugstore stuff and it was a bit of a mess. The colours were also too dark.) The team fixed me up and Janet did my cut and style. It looked AMAZING. Done in January….it is now June and I still get compliments without having touched it up. I also think my hair is in the best condition it’s EVER been. I’m calling right now for another appointment!

Love this place!

--Leanne Rosteing

Been going to Joujou for 9 months, and my hair is at the most healthiest it has ever Been!

-Tichina Forrest

The best stylists in Canada. They got me ready for my wedding. They did an amazing job. They’re very professional. Amazing work.

-Christine Wilson

Janet was exceptional ! From the consult to the final product, she took care and precision in making my style perfect!! Will definitely be back next time I’m in Toronto!

-Terry Swan

Very professional. Two stylists worked on my hair. One stylist did the colour which was exceptional and another styled it. Loved the service I received from both that day and will definitely continue to book with JouJou hair salon.

--Alysha Julien

Best salon in Toronto. Janet is an absolute master at her craft. The salon is bright, airy and the atmosphere is positive. Stylists are friendly and creative. If you’re looking for a salon to call home – JouJou is the place.

--Kim Johnson

My visit was great the staff is very knowledgeable. The staff did an amazing job on my hair.

--Sophie Smith

Joujou definitely deserves 5 stars !!! The staff was super nice and my haircut looks awesome, just like what I had in mind. Thank you for a very great service, I finally found a salon that is worth it!💓

--Pearl Piim

This salon is very professional. Never had to wait for my appointments. All the staff are very knowledgeable and great to work with. It has always been a great experience every time that I go there. I had the team do my hair on separate occasions and did an amazing job both times. I could not recommend this place more. Very happy customer!

--Maryah Barnes

The staff are so knowledgable here it blew me away. They got me in fairly quickly and I learned a lot too. Very good place to go.

--Hailey Abbatt

Amazing salon with knowledgeable and professional staff. I cant imagine getting my hair done at another salon!

--D'Ante Jones

JouJou Hair Studio is hands down the best salon in Toronto. On top of being experienced and knowledgable on hair care, team JouJou is dedicated to their clients needs which leaves you feeling confident to trust your hair will be cared for as if it were their own. I’ve never left without an amazing style or colour! Best known for the most natural looking hair extensions! I recommend JouJou to all hair types… Get ready to change hair salons!

--Shezelle Weekes

Janet and her team are professional, knowledgeable and trendy. I’ve been a client for a few years and what can I say but my hair has never been the same since I’ve started going to them!!! My hair has grown, it’s super healthy and manageable! It doesn’t matter what mood I’m feeling like for my hair whether it be a sleek cut, to sexy colour or just a simple wash & go the JouJou team executes. Hands down JouJou Hair Studio is the best salon in the city!!!!

--Leigh Events

The Stylists here are hair geniuses. I came here during my visit to Toronto and I wanted to take the team back to the US. Such attentive and caring service. Great equipment. They really understand healthy hair. They work with natural hair among all other types.

--Maya R.

I have been going here for a while now and I always recommend friends and strangers to come here. I don’t even have to recommend actually because people always ask me where I got my hair done. I’ve been to other salons in the past and I have bad and traumatic experiences. They really care about your hair and you can tell they do, especially when they go through such a thorough consultation that ask really great questions. Like what products you use and what is your lifestyle like? In depth questions that help the stylist know how your hair is and what you are looking for. I have not had a bad experience here at all, and the staff has the magic touch!  I wish I could give more than 5 stars. I can tell you that you will be in good hands here.

--Ara A.

I had such a great experience at JouJou Hair Studio. The girls over there are so friendly; I had great laugh and conversations. Before starting the services I had to fill out a form with questions about my hair regimen. Then they took the time to explain to me things I can do to take better care of my natural hair. I had a wash with treatment. The girl that did the washing is amazing. Her hands felt so nice on my scalp during the massage. I was in heaven. I have an extremely sensitive scalp and usually don’t like to go the hair salon because when I leave my head hurts for 2 days. I had the team install my weave and closure, they did an amazing job. The installation was perfect. I give this place 5 stars for good customer service, great quality of the installation and cleanliness of the salon. I would recommend this salon to anyone.

--Marie C.

I am truly beyond impressed with Janet and her team. After years of bouncing from salon to salon I’ve finally found a home at JouJou Hair Studio. My hair has been brought back to life. Unlike other salons JouJou has various products to cater to the current state of your hair. I love the professionalism and knowledge she shares with me at every appointment. With a busy schedule it’s convenient and appreciated that I can make an appointment and the time is adhered to ALWAYS!!! I would recommend them to everyone because no other salon compares! Thanks for truly caring about the health of my hair and making me look so fabulous

--Treasa B.

Are you looking for a stylist who is more than just talk and surface treatment? Who takes the time to discuss your concerns and suggests a realistic treatment plan? Are you looking for a stylist dedicated to her craft — not trying to sell you overpriced products? Do you prefer your stylist call you by name and greet you with a genuine smile? Then you must see Janet Jackson. She is a MASTER at her craft. Dare I say – the best stylist for Black hair in Toronto. Janet’s salon is different from the rest. During your first consultation, Janet will have you fill out a thorough questionnaire on your hair journey while discussing your current regimen and your hair goals.

I went in for extensions for a very special occasion. As I’m transitioning I was looking for something a bit longer than my natural hair. Janet’s team knows their hair textures and recommended the perfect Brazilian kinky extensions. Janet took care of me from start to finish. She took her time to explain what she was doing and even straightened and curled the entire thing. Let me tell you …she’s an Olympian. Because I’m looking to straighten and curl it and …help. Send help. The salon is bright and her team is super friendly. No crazy gossip. No drama. No nonsense. Janet’s team are professionals. I felt completely at ease in her care.

Go see Janet Jackson. You won’t be disappointed.

--Kim J

Been going to Joujou for 9 months, and my hair is at the most healthiest it has ever Been!

--Maria Sirivar

Janet takes the hair care experience to a whole different level from consult to in-progress checks to finishing – she and her friendly team are the absolute best and make you feel so beautiful – I’d recommend her salon to friends and family any day!

--Sharlene Noble

By far, the best hair cut and overall salon experience I have ever had. Many stylists don’t know how to work with my thick and curly hair. The staff did an amazing job! They’re sweet, funny and they know their stuff. A huge hanks to JouJou! See you all again soon!

--Britnei Bilhete

I was lucky enough to get introduced to Janet by a friend.  I had looked into extensions months ago but got overwhelmed by the information and decided not to proceed.  Then my friend told me about Janet and encouraged me to go for a consultation.  Janet was warm and professional and broke down all of the options for me.  I trusted her immediately because it was so clear how knowledgeable she was.  The information she provided made it easy for me to make a decision.

I have always had frizzy, curly hair that is very fine and hard to manage.  It takes forever to grow so I have never really had long hair.  As a little girl, all I wanted was long hair, so much so that I used to tie a towel around my head so I could feel it touch my back like long hair would.  About a  year and half ago I had weight loss surgery.  I was fat my entire adult life and now I am 100lbs thinner.  After losing the weight, I thought I would be way more satisfied by my appearance but I felt old and like I looked like a deflated balloon.  I was considering all kinds of plastic surgeries.  Then I went to Janet and had my extensions put in.  When she finished and I stood up and took myself in in the mirror, I felt like crying.  It gave me a lift that even weight loss surgery couldn’t.  It gave me the feeling of femininity, lengthened my silhouette and it was a heck of a lot cheaper than plastic surgery!

I wish I would have done this years ago because it really has improved my overall appearance.  Let’s face it, hair is important, especially for women and our self-image.  Janet and Natasha made the experience so fun and they were so inviting and helpful.  It has been an amazing experience and for anyone thinking about extensions or just changing their look via their hair, I would recommend Jou Jou!  Fantastic!!!

Thank you so much Janet.

All the best,


I normally do not give testimonials but in this case it’s a MUST! After years of trying different salons I’ve finally found my home salon! Janet and her team are professional, friendly and FULL of knowledge. The service is A+++, knowing that you can make an appointment and they ALWAYS stick to the time is very important. Other salons will book a few clients at the same time and you end up staying there all day. For the first time in 20 years my hair is growing, healthy and no breakage. The products used at JouJou Hair Studio are specific to the condition of your at the time of your appointment. I can go on and on about JouJou it’s truly the best salon in the city!

--Treasa (Whitby, Ontario)

The style. The cut. But my real love is the service and group of professionals that make the entire experience of getting my hair done a delight…. 🙂 Thank Janet and her fabulous staff at JouJou Hair Studio.

~ xo Ola

--Ola Finesse

JouJou offers excellent service in hair care, with a professional and personal touch.

--Paula Phillips

Jou Jou all about maintaining Healthy & Fabulous hair. They never disappoint. Need a Fab due for that special occasion well look no more. JOU JOU it is!!!

-Amri Ryan

My wife goes there and she always comes home with a radiant glow and smooth flowing hair 🙂

-Donavan Miller

Did a fantastic job with my 10 yr old twin girls’ hair!! Thanks so much, so much stress off my shoulders!

-Cassandra Lindsay

I have finally found a stylist I can COMPLETELY  trust with my hair. Jou Jou Hair Salon. I called and set-up a consultation with one of the stylists named Janet Jackson. I gave her a general idea of what colors I wanted to dye my hair & how I wanted it to look. Fast forward one week later, I got a “brand-new” look and style I am very proud to show off prior to my wedding.

Janet did a great job with my Bridal Wedding Hairstyle. She was very professional, polite, and just a cool gal! I was estimating that she would take about an hour and a half with my hair, but she got it done in half the time! I will most definitely recommend her and see her again for another special occasion. None of the pins hurt my head and my hair was perfect the entire day – my appointment was at 9am and I got to my bridal suite at 11pm with everything still in place. Plus my hair looked very soft and natural. Just what I wanted.
This salon has a super-friendly atmosphere with the knowledgeable, very patient stylists to match. I would recommend this salon to anyone who is seeking to correct mistakes other salons made on your hair, dye your hair a new color, or freshening up your look.
My hair has DEFINITELY found its new home.

-Christine J. Wilson

Great cut, great service. Definitely going back 🙂

-Laura Collins