Has your mane been constantly misbehaving lately? If so, it may be time to have your stylist get out the scissors so that you can start fresh! Although we recommend getting a small snip every 8-10 weeks, there are also several indicators that you can watch for.

Here are 4 signs you may be due for a trim:


Split Ends

This is an obvious one. If your ends are split, frayed, and looking a little worse for wear, it is definitely time to snip away the dead weight! Many women obsess over so much over keeping their length that they forget that hair health should take priority. Keeping split ends will only increase overall hair damage, which will only lead to breakage and loss of even more length in the future. If you’re seeing your ends split, it’s time to say goodbye!


Tangle City

Depending on your hair texture, the detangling process may take awhile! Knots and tangles are evidence of weak spots in your hair strands. Regardless of how long your normal wash-day routine is, if you notice that detangling is becoming a more gruelling and difficult process than normal, it may be time to cut your losses!


Flat Lining

Is your hair lacking volume? Has it lost the fabulous shape and definition of your last cut? This is a sign that your tresses may need refreshing! Bring your hair back to life with a quick trim to add some bounce to your fabulous ‘do!


A Lengthy Battle

If your hair growth has reached an apparent plateau, but you’re still finding broken ends in the bathroom sink, your roots aren’t the source of the problem! Damaged ends will keep your strands from reaching their full growth potential. If you find you haven’t seen any extra length in awhile, you guessed it– it’s time to get a trim!


Do you have your own tell-tale signs that your haircut is due for a refresh? Share with us below in the comments!

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