With so many hair products on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what works best with your hair. You might even be tempted to buy the latest thing every week and become a “product junky”! Well, have no fear!

The hair experts at JouJou offer their best advice for trying something new. Focus on these five things the next time you’re in the hair care aisle and you’ll be well on your way to finding your mane’s best match!


1. The Ingredients

The first ingredient is the most important, because that is what makes up the majority of what the product.

Questions you should ask yourself include:

– Is the product made of mainly natural ingredients?

– Can I pronounce the words?…(Hint: if you cannot pronounce the word, there’s a good chance it’s not natural!)


2. The Instructions 

Reading the instructions is extremely important. Using the product in the right way will determine how well it will work (not to mention you’ll avoid damaging your hair from improper product use). Also– Google is your best friend! Read plenty of reviews on the product and don’t forget to consult professionals in the industry.


3. Being Consistent is Key

Rome was not built in a day! Use the product consistently for at least 3 months before coming to any conclusions (unless you have a bad reaction, in which case it’s best to discontinue immediately).


4. Whats Happening to Your Hair?

You can’t reach a final verdict on a product unless you know the effect it’s actually had on your hair. And you won’t know unless you deliberately keep track.

Try keeping a simple journal to track any changes you’ve noticed in your hair since beginning to use the product. Does your hair like your new shampoo/deep conditioner/leave-in or not? How does your hair feel? Good or bad? What has changed? What’s the same? Write it down and refer to it at the end of your trial period.


5. One Product At a Time is Best

If you’re trying a new shampoo, don’t mix with another shampoo. The same goes for conditioners, oils, leave-in’s….etc! If you don’t use one product at a time, it will be difficult to know which product is making the difference. 


Sounds simple, but these five important points are often overlooked when deciding to try a new product. Here’s to safe and educated hair experimentation! Don’t forget– JouJou cares about your hair!

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