Many hair textures (particularly the curlier, coilier, and kinkier types) are prone to suffering from dry, rough ends during the cold winter months. Everyone on a healthy hair journey recognizes dry ends as the main culprit of breakage, split-ends, and scraggly looking strands. But have no fear, a simple solution is here! Baby, it’s cold outside, and in order to keep dry hair under control, follow these two non-negotiable wash-day rules:

Condition With a Mission

When applying your conditioner, work it into your hair purposefully, concentrating on your ends first before working the excess into the length of your hair. If you think about it, your hair ends have been around the longest, and have taken the most stress (think heat, weather, friction etc..) out of all the other parts of your hair. Give your ends a treat by paying a bit more attention to them during the conditioning process.

Leave-in and Let Live

Skipping your leave-in conditioner is a major faux pas for any girl who’s looking to brave the winter with her ends exposed. Whether your leave-in is in cream or liquid form, make it your hair-end’s best friend and most trusted ally when the going gets tough. Leave-in moisturizer not only optimizes the effects of your deep-conditioner, but it is the first line of defense against the next steps in your styling routine.

You may be thinking that something as simple as conditioner (both special deep treatments and leave-in) is such an obvious solution to dryness, but it’s surprising just how many individuals simply don’t make it a priority in their hair care routine, especially as the air gets dry, cold, and outright damaging to the health of their hair. To prevent dry ends, and therefore prevent breakage, make sure to be diligent with your deep conditioner and never skip your leave-in treatment. Before you know it, spring will be just around the corner!


Do you have a special dry-hair solution for winter? Share it with us in the comments section!