With a vivid shift from dark to light hair, ombré was at the top of its game for several seasons.

Now that it is spring, we enter a new and better opponent for ombré called sombré; a re-imagined version of the gradation.

Enter sombré (subtle + ombré), a colouring technique that allows for a softer, more natural diffusion. Think color that gradually fades from top to bottom. It’s a look that seems more refined, and is absolutely appropriate for office environments.

The best thing about this new colour trend is that any hair colour can rock this look whether a brunette or a redhead as the gradient isn’t as obvious and harsh as ombré.

Colour pairing ideas to consider: sun-kissed warmth for blondes, shimmer bronze on brunette, redheads with rose gold and cinnamon for deep darks.

Like its cousin, sombré is very forgiving to growing roots, and you’ll have a higher chance of being able to skip a couple of appointments between colourings than usual.

The cost for this look is forgiving as well  (just like its cousin ombré) where you can achieve sombré with a single process and final toning glaze for shine, which means it is less costly than the other complicated colour options.

With sombré, maintaining gently contrasting depth is all a part of the technique. Looks like this trend is going to be around for a while.

Will you be trying this new hot trend for spring?

Let us know in the comments below!



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