Regardless of how thick or coarse your mane may be, the hairline (affectionately referred to as “edges”) is still very fragile. As such, it should be treated with extra care to avoid the thinning that every woman dreads.

If you’ve been noticing that your hairline area is getting sparse, don’t ignore it! Here are a few things you can do to stop, or, depending on how severe the condition is, reverse the damage:


Let Your Hair Down

Tight ponytails, braids, and improper use of wigs and weaves can cause chronic tension that will eventually make your edges disintegrate. As much as we encourage experimenting with various hairstyles, it’s important to give your hairline a break every so often. Switch up your slicked back styles with loose, low-tension hairstyles from time to time.


Scalp Massages

Hair follicles are made up of cells, and all cells need proper circulation in order to thrive. Scalp massages are a great way to promote healthy blood flow to your hair follicles, especially your hairline! Use your favourite hair oil and massage the entire scalp with your finger tips for about 10 minutes every day, focusing on your temples and nape area. Remember– where blood flows, hair grows!


Tuck it away

Although braiding too tightly can prove detrimental to hairline health, loose braiding or twisting the hair along your edges can provide some much needed relief when pulling your hair back into a bun, ponytail or puff.

However, don’t try to force baby hairs into your hairline braid if they are on the shorter side– this will definitely do more harm than good. Instead, if you want these hairs to lay down flat, try applying a moisturizing pomade and tying a scarf around your head for 15 minutes.


Ditch the Tools

Bristles on brushes and teeth on combs make a disastrous duo when it comes to the fragile hair along your edges. The constant friction of the rough bristles and tugging of combs can cause your baby hairs to snap off and erode away. Be gentle and put away those tools! Your hands or the back and sides of your hair tools work like a charm for smoothing down flyaways along the hairline without all the trauma. 


If you’re having trouble with your hairline, incorporate these habits into your healthy hair routine. Better yet, make them a priority to prevent hair loss along your edges in the first place!

What are your top tips for keeping your hairline in good condition? Share with us in the comments below!