1) Not shampooing regularly is NOT for everyone. 

There are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to shampooing hair. It’s really important to understand that the frequency of hair washing is completely dependant on hair texture. If the texture of your hair is fine, then you should be washing your hair daily. If the texture of your hair is thick or course then it is better to wash your hair every other day or even twice, or once a week. A great tip for people with fine hair is to actually skip the shampoo completely every other day a conditioner that will add volume to your hair, that way you can keep all the great natural oils and not strip them away.

2) Cool down that water temp

Hot showers are great. Who doesn’t love a hot shower? However, when it comes to hair care, washing your hair underneath really hot temperatures is never a good thing. When you wash your hair under really hot temperatures you open up your hair follicles and leave your hair vulnerable to breakage and dryness. Instead of having a super hot shower, why not opt for a lukewarm shower? It’s way better for your hair. A Tip? Right before you hop out of the shower, switch to cold water so you can close your hair follicles and get some shine.

3) You’re probably using too much shampoo

Shampoo isn’t cheap stuff (particularly if you’re using sulfate free shampoo) so don’t be wasteful when you’re using it. You don’t need a large amount of shampoo to clean your hair. Truth be told, when it comes to shampoo, you only require a nickel size amount mixed, and the use of water to help spread it around your hair to get a good clean wash in. Let the shampoo sit in your hair for a minute or two then wash it out 🙂

4) Clarify that hair 

If you’re someone who uses a lot of products or are exposed to mineral heavy water then you should invest in a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos can rid your hair of build-up and will make it much easier for you to comb through your hair. Give your usual shampoo a break once a month and try out a clarifier.

5) Swap out your conditioner for a hair mask

Conditioners are nice. But hair masks are great. Hair masks can protect and hydrate your hair. They are especially useful for you if you have heavy-duty coloring and don’t have time to go to the salon weekly. As mentioned previously a lot depends on hair texture so if you have fine hair don’t use a hair mask all over your head, the ends should be your focus – However if you have coarse or thick hair, feel free to lather the mask all over.


What are some rules you follow when it comes to hair washing? Let us know in the comments below.

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